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Paulerwhite – Discovering (EP)

by warritatafo

Paulerwhite – Discovering (EP)

Paulerwhite is a Young Beautiful talented and diverse rising Afropop Singer/Songwriter from Nigeria. With origin from Abia State. Paulerwhite has great potentials and energetic drive; she’s on her way to the top. Having a vicious ambitious personality mixed with talent.

HOTT πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

NOW THE EP: This Ep is an introduction to disclose her identity as an Afropop Artist. Life is a journey; one thing I am sure about is my ambition and hunger to create music.

Boldness, desires, sexual cravings and a feeling of satisfaction and gratification

Afropop Rnb that gives passionate interaction; soulful vibes featuring PhilYourSpirit.

Discovering the dreams I had as a little girl, have the potential to manifest and become a reality. Discovering speaks to hustlers out there

β€œPro” :
Pro reminds me of my Traditional tribal dance called IKPIRIKPI OGU, I remember it to be very Musical, cultural, decorative, crowded with beautiful sons and daughters of all tribes dancing.

β€œSaga Dat”
Mix dancehall party jam for all my hotties;
Make it wiggle wiggle, make it jingle jingle


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