“Hospitals and doctors are more accessible in Nigeria than UK” – Lady informs Nigerians planning to ‘japa’

A UK-based Nigerian lady has informed Nigerians planning to relocate to the UK that it’s not easy to get a doctor’s appointment.

Taking to Twitter to share her experience, the young identified as @HeartOfGold_, claimed that hospitals and doctors are more accessible in than in the UK.

According to her, UK hospitals will only attend to quickly if it’s an emergency otherwise they won’t pay much attention to you.

“Hospitals and doctors are more accessible in Nigeria. This place is only perfect for emergencies because help will be with you in minutes literally so you’ll survive but anything outside emergency, they no send you”, she tweeted.

Reacting, a Twitter user stated that he noticed that some UK-bound Nigerians buy drugs in bulk from Nigeria before travelling abroad.

In response, @HeartOfGold_ said she was also advised to buy drugs but she made the mistake of buying COVID-19 related drugs instead of antibiotics and other over-the counter drugs.

She wrote,

“They told me to buy. I went to be buying immune boosters then (because of COVID). I now regret it. People bought antibiotics, drugs for diarrhea and all those other stuff. They don’t give you antibiotics here over the counter.”

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