“How we lost a fellow student to Asthma because of healthcare negligence” – Twitter user Eniturn shares.

“How we lost a fellow student to Athsma because of healthcare negligence” – Twitter user Eniturn shares.

Following the heart wrenching video of health practitioners ignoring Rico Swavey while he was in need of critical attention, netizens have taken to to share tales of how they lost loved ones due to negligence from health workers.

Twitter user, @ has shared the story of how his friend died from an attack and was refused medical attention despite all the pleas from all his friends that brought the young man in.


Read his tweet below:

“Reminds me of when we lost a Mayowa, a Student in the university of ibadan, we were watching football and due to his asthmatic condition, he found it really hard to breathe and we rushed him to jaja clinic. They refused to open the clinic door because they were on strike and We were pleading and begging for the health workers to at least attend to him, maybe just an inhaler would have saved him, he died right in our hands at the clinic door and when the university would release the news, they said he died before we brought him to the clinic. The Same clinic that refused to open the door. Truly Nigeria can happen to anyone at anytime and Nigerians are the major problems of Nigeria. Zero humanity and abrupt selfishness and Wickedness. Rest easy once again Mayowa.”

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