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Dicon Pedic Mattress & Pillows offers you the best day and night rest you could ever experience, free from body or neck pains.


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Dicon Pedic Mattress & Pillows provides you with extra comfort for your relaxation both back and shoulder where your body needs support; because of the antibacterial fabric used which helps the Mattress to breathe so it can provides a fresh and healthy sleep in all seasons.





When it comes to comfortabilty, durability and credibility you should think of Dicon Pedic Mattress & Pillows, your new generation Mattress and Pillows experts in Nigeria which comes with mind-blowing discount rate with 10 years warranty


Hurry now and go visit Dicon Pedic Mattress & Pillows at their head office at Suit 15 Powa Plaza, beside Treasury House Garki – Abuja.


For inquires call: +2348147644630 +2349099422227


Dicon Pedic Mattress & Pillows your surest mattress and Pillows plug


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