A man has shared the heartbreaking story of how his friend caught his fiancée with another man a day after he proposed to her.

According to @bheehiive who took to Twitter to recount the incident, his friend had been dating his girlfriend for five years and knew she was engaged in sexual rendezvous with other men but still remained with her.

The loverboy then decided to their relationship up a notch by proposing to her but received an unexpected shock when his fiancée brought one of her sidepieces to her engagement party.

As if that wasn’t enough, she went to spend the night with the sidepiece and when confronted, she watered it down by saying it was only “goodbye sex” and told him to also go and sleep with other women before they get married officially.

Read the full story below,

“A friend of a friend just avoided this cannonball. He’s a techie based in Lagos and had been dating this Ekiti based ‘highway’ girl for over five years now. The girl had repeatedly confessed cheating on him siting his indecisiveness or unpreparedness for marriage as her reason.

Or at least the major reason. There are a lot of persons in situations like this that can’t seem to get out. ‘…but we’ve been dating for too long’ ‘…. our families know each other’ ‘…I was her first’. Omo, everyone tried to advise this guy, but Jack and Romeo dey learn for love matter. Fast forward to 2022, lover boy decided to propose to this babe. Someone that openly told him that she’d been with no less than 10 different men in the space they’d been dating.

If made it this far, congratulations, this is where it gets interesting!

This girl brought one of her numerous side cocks to the ‘surprise’ engagement party. Starboy said he noticed the chemistry and warmth between this ‘very good friend’ and his at the party but didn’t want to stir up any trouble. Okay now party ended, everyone was leaving Madam said she couldn’t follow our starboy home because she needed to check on a sick friend of hers who couldn’t make it to the party. So our starboy went to drop off his bride at her dear friend’s estate. ‘Can I come in to say a quick hello to your friend?

‘Oh no, she’d be sleeping, best not to disturb her’. By the way, very good friend at the party doesn’t even have a car and had ordered a taxi home.

But as our star boy dey drive commot for estate na so him drive pass wetin resemble the taxi wey very good friend enter.

Starboy couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stop ruminating, yunnoe, especially given the antecedents of bride-to-be. He then called a few of the other persons at the party who might have networked with him, yunnoe, try to find out if he’d given any indication as to where he lived.

He got the address, and yes you guessed right, it’s the same dvcking estate. He decided to drive back to the mainland early the next day, got a few blocks away from the house only to see his bride-to-be strolling out with her ‘sick friend’ in a shirt and boxer short to buy eggs from aboki. Starboy brought out his phone, took pictures and went back home — he somehow managed to avoid confronting them. All these while, she wasn’t picking his calls. She called back much later in the day to she’d been so tired from the ‘festivities’ of the engagement.

At this point Starboy sends the photos to her and demand an explanation. She goes on to say, wait for it… THAT IT IS GOODBYE SEX and that our starboy should go ahead and have all his goodbye sex as well before they go into the marriage proper. No remorse!

He has since ended the relationship and asked her to return his ring on her way back to Ekiti. It’s been very close to a month now and bride-to-be is still taking care of her sick friend.”

“It’s goodbye coitus” – Nigerian lady tells her fiancé after he caught her with another man a day after he proposed