A Nigerian who is a chef and is tired of responding to “tell me about yourself” questions, invented a solution that has surprised many.

The lady with Twitter handle, @foluadig made a PDF that contains details about herself and now sends it anyone that asks her to tell them about herself.

The lady shared a screenshot of her chat with someone and the response she gave when the same question came up.

The contact she shared the PDF with was stunned when they saw the document about herself. In response, she told the contact that numerous people ask her the same question and she hates typing, hence the PDF.

Quite a number of Twitter users have lauded her for her invention and said they too will try the method.

Life hack: Lady reveals interesting way she responds to “tell me about yourself” questions

In other news, a Nigerian woman has taken to social media to advise married men not to overpamper their wives because they will end up losing her.

The woman gave this unpopular advise to men in a video making rounds online.

According to her, men should desist from spoiling their wives or always do their bidding otherwise they will risk losing her.

She gave an instance of a man who quickly apologizes to his wife whenever they get into a fight, even when he’s not at fault.

She stated that the day that man refuses to apologize to his wife when she’s visibly angry, the marriage would become rocky.