Moment a little boy refused to be taken to school in his father’s Range Rover and choose a Rolls Royce instead

A video making the rounds online captures the moment a little boy insisted on being driven to school in his father’s instead of a .

In the video shared online by his dad, Femi Aguda, the young champ is seen standing in between the two expensive vehicles and complaining that he doesn’t want to be taken to school in the Range Rover which his father originally intended to drive him with.

The little boy who couldn’t string his words together, could be seen pointing aggressively at the Rolls Royce, and affirming that he wants to be driven to school in it not the Range Rover, which is an equally luxurious car.

He then proceeded to shut the door of the Range Rover with his little hands and focused his energy on pointing at the Rolls Royce.

His father, Femi, eventually succumbed to his request and proceeded to wash the stunning blue Rolls Royce.

Watch the video below,

In other news, a Nigerian lady has on her Twitter page, shown off the bundle of Naira notes a Nigerian man wrote his number on and sent to her after she refused to give him her number.

According to the lady with handle, @surelurla, she attended a bachelor’s party where the man approached her and asked for her number. After she declined and asked for his instead, the said man decided to send it with bundles of Naira notes amounting to N30,000.