“Nigeria is full of Hypocrites” – Samuel Jemilato blows hot

“Nigerian is full of Hypocrites” – Samuel Jemilato blows hot

Nigerian actor, has slammed Nigerians for clout-chasing with the death of Davido‘s son, Ifeanyi.

According to a post shared via his official Instagram page, the actor tagged Nigerians as “hypocrites” adding that they only love Davido because of his fame and generosity.


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He further stated that many of them have lost their relatives but move on quickly. However, they come on social media to criticize and tell others how to mourn.

He wrote:

“Nigerians is full of Hypocrites. They love DAVIDO because of his generosity and money💰.

Those shouting “001”, swear whether if “Davido does not have money💰” will you still call him (001)?

Once you don’t show Nigerians money LOVE, you automatically become their enemy.

Alot of them here lost their relatives but moved on immediately, people die everyday around them, but because is DAVIDO, you want us to declare PUBLIC HOLIDAY.

Make una mourn innocent IFEANYI in peace and don’t force people to mourn exactly just like you.

I Love Humanity, especially kids and I feel the pains of any HUMAN that dies, not just only our Legendary DAVIDO but all Humans. (R.I.P IFY)💔”

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