“No more jazz in Yorubaland. Couldn’t they suspend the rain?” – Netizens react to video of people participating in Ojude Oba festival inside the rainMassive reactions have trailed a video from the 2022 which held in Ijebu Ode, Ogun state, on Monday, July 11.

The festival is an annual traditional event that brings men and women from Southwest Nigeria for a carnival-like celebration of the traditional, cultural and spiritual accomplishments of Ijebuland.

A video from the festival was shared online to give netizens a glimpse of how it went down, and it has garnered different reactions due to the heavy downpour.

In the video, multitudes of men and women are seen defying the rain to participate in the festival. They were matching and parading with a banner under the rain.


Reacting to the video, social media users wondered why they couldn’t get a ‘rainmaker’ to stop the rain from falling pending the duration of the festival as it’s a common belief that rainmakers can control the rain in the Southwest region of Nigeria.

Some others questioned if ‘jazz’ is no longer working in Yorubaland because they expected the traditionalists to ‘hold the rain’.

Watch the video and see some reactions below,

In other news, a Nigerian lady has on her social media page, shared how what started out to be a joyous day turned into a tragic one when she returned home to an unfortunate incident on Sallah Day.

The young lady had earlier in the day, gone out to a social gathering during the Sallah celebration and showed herself eating ram meat joyfully.

Unknown to her, while she was having a good time enjoying the festivities, her house was being gutted by fire.

The young lady recorded the moment she returned home to see her house being razed by fire. She showed the remains of her house and car which had also been affected by the fire. Watch here