Over the years, the Press Council, The Polytechnic, Ibadan has been noted for her motto “Justice and equity” now the council is loaded with high sense of Political ambition clothed with an high sense of Injustice.
Every Press is responsible to speak for the people , serve as a mouthpiece between the governed and those in government.
The Polytechnic, Ibadan , Press body is responsible for the balance of information, mouthpiece of the students as well as make available valid information to Students and also an intermediary for both Students and the school Management.
Playing politics with writes up is against the ethics of Effective Journalism, a call for alarm on why the press was instituted.
Its Didactic, feasible and obvious that when press men play politics with writes up they are often paid to speak against a particular objective or Subject as an open sign of defamation.
In a publication written by the Press Council, The Polytechnic, Ibadan dated October 8th 2022 with the headline “MASS COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT, WHERE PATIENCE MOURNS” is publication loaded with wrong facts, a clear picture of Politics Ambitions and low research work.
Firstly, the Association ID card has been named with a fix price of a thousand Naira(N1000) no additional fee only the newly executives introduced card holder, File and the ASCOM wear of Three thousand Naira(N3000) resulting the total amount to N5000 Naira and not six thousand (N6000) as published by the press council.
One of the prerequisites of every press is write out of sentiment and a high level of Balance with a Good, High class research work to back whatever results s/he has given.
Misinformation is killing the Nigerian press which is what has exhibited by the press Council, painting the Mass Communication Black and also picturing the Association Of Communicators, The Polytechnic, Ibadan as a symbol of Extortion.
In the same Publication is the mentioning one Mass Communication , Mr Olusoji Olatunji (King Of boys) where he was alleged of  mismanaging Funds , Diversion of Funds and improper Records/accounts of money realized from students.
Also, stated by the press council is the Higher National Diploma one(HND1) students been asked to pay N2500 for practicals and not Making the practical feasible.
Firstly, the students were voluntarily asked to N1000 for the project, Project materials and also use the money to  carter practical related issues for the students.
Going further with a sense of Defamation,
Following the publication made by Press Council, The Polytechnic, Ibadan dated 8th October, 2022 it can be clearly seen and understood that the press body of the institution is being politically biased and unfair in their judgement.
Compared to its motto – Justice and Equity, the press body has been known over the years the be politically driven by some ‘upper stream’ who in their capacity are always intentional about defaming, and tarnishing the image of an individual or a department in the institution with unclear and little or no facts to back up their stories.
Bring politically driven denoted that, in some cases the Press Council, TPI, publish stories that are sent in from alumni who aren’t students anymore but trying to bring down the built name of some lecturers who have been up and doing in the best capacity.
In 2020, after series of theft attack in one of the male hostel, Unity hall, it was reported that a story was written to the Press body calling on the school management to buckle up with security but the story was killed by the editors and with the upper hand of the Dean of Student Affairs who is only after the interest of the school.
This and many other stories have been swept underway in such manner, just in favour of the institution – this has totally jeopardize the flagship of the council which says it is Just in its judgment.
The press body are known for not accepting students who are politically involved on campus, but they’re being by other upper hands to bring down some students are in the best capacity are doing well in their post.
In the publication by the press body, it stated that a sum of #1,000 was made compulsory by Mr Olatunji, a course lecturer in the Mass Communication department, this is a baseless fact which is only for selfish reasons. The payment was not pegged compulsorily by the lecturer, it was only said that students should meet and provide a project which was spelt out.
This and other baseless facts are being seen in the story and it’s of no benefit to both the publisher and the concerned party.
It is hereby necessary that steps are taken by the institution to rejig the press body and make it an independent body.
In other View;
The TPI press council claims to be fair, objective, and trustworthy in discharging its duty but its recent publication says otherwise.
The article published on Saturday, Oct 8th, headlined ‘Mass Communication Department, Where patience mourns’ is said to have shaken up the integrity of A notable Lecturer and the department as a whole.
Speaking about the Practical classes, every practical instrument provided in the department has been utilized well and put to greater use for efficiency on Field projects.
However, the claims against the staff adviser of the department, Mr. Olusoji Olatunji are filled with blatant fibs and uninvestigated reports. Every Penny spent during 2020/21 Advert project was accounted for and to back it up with the physical writing materials produced by the then HND1 students branded “Poly @50”.
Regarding a fake rumor that was passed across earlier today and to debunk whatever that was said there..
We don’t know where this is coming from and if there’s anything we’re sure about,  it’s the fact that our lecturers have been nothing but a blessing to each and everyone of us..
We appreciate their efforts and will never write against them..
However,  we ask that whatever that was posted earlier was nothing but a fake story by an unknown source..


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