Toke Makinwa reveals her ex’s epic reaction after she caught him cheating

Toke Makinwa reveals her ex’s epic reaction after she caught him cheating

Media personality and actress Toke Makinwa has revealed her ex’s reaction after she caught him cheating.

, on her verified Instagram page, shared a video with an encrypted caption that revealed what she did after she caught him cheating on her.


According to the on-air personality, she peacefully permitted her ex to cheat on her because he had already assured her that she was the number 1 priority in his life.

She wrote: That one time I caught my ex cheating on me, he said I was the wife and she’s only a girlfriend and I should act appropriately, I let him continue to cheat in peace as long as I was number.

Toke Makinwa reveals why relationships don’t work out

Kemi Filani also recalls that Toke Makinwa revealed why some relationships or businesses don’t work out despite the efforts added.

According to the media personality cum actress, God speaks to everyone in different dimensions, such as giving signals or communicating with our inner man.

Toke Makinwa made this statement during her show titled “Tokemoments”. She called out many who blame God for their misfortunes in a relationship and claimed that finding oneself in messy hole results from ignoring God’s words.

Toke Makinwa also claimed God does not punish the offender in a relationship because the wronged partner decided to follow the flesh.

“This one is loud. Trust me to call even myself out cos I’m on this table.

“How many times has God told us something is not good for us, some people are not for us, leaving that job to run your business might not be the best thing to do now and so much more, we did our own thing our own way and when it scatters we yell God hates us, or we pray dangerous prayers to curse that person God told you to leave.

“So many times, we know something is not good for us in the long, but it’s so hard to let it go.”

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